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Several large-scale projects are starting in Fall 2018. Groupe Paquette has the privilege of participating in the following projects:

425 Viger Ouest: along with Pomerleau Construction, Groupe Paquette is actively participating in the 425 Viger Ouest project, which consists of the envelope rehabilitation and expansion of a building from 1910. Groupe Paquette will proceed with the complete rehabilitation of the plumbing, heating, and water-cooling systems inside the building. We will also proceed with the furnishing of services required for Telus installations.


Gouin Bridge: the Gouin Bridge connects the Richelieu River and the Chambly Canal to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Groupe Paquette is proud to participate in this special project, which consists of the installation of sewer force main line underneath the bridge. Groupe Paquette’s challenge is to install 1,500 feet of drainage piping, 20 inches in diameter and made of stainless steel and thermal insulation. With a project entirely designed by Groupe Paquette, success is guaranteed! The Gouin Bridge is used daily by 20,000 automobiles.

STM Viau: underground centre enlargement project for the purpose of increasing the ability to receive six additional convoys, reduce work vehicle travel time, and optimize network maintenance. This is not Groupe Paquette’s first STM project, and these projects are always stimulating.


EQ8 phase 3-4-5: along with Corsim, Groupe Paquette is building the EQ8 Condominiums, which is a large-scale project that stands out due to its construction quality in a contemporary living environment. This complex residential project is meant to have a semi-urban and semi-neighbourhood feel. These high-rise buildings are based on the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) and POD (Pedestrian Oriented Development) concepts. Phases 3 and 4 include two 17-floor towers that consist of over 300 condos.  Phase 5 includes a ten-story building that consists of 150 condos. Phases 8 and 9 will begin in 2019 and consist of 300 other units.


Renovation of the Verdun Auditorium and the reconstruction of the Denis-Savard Arena: this $3 million project involves the renovation of the Verdun Auditorium while maintaining the architectural heritage of the building, which was built over 75 years ago, and the bringing up to standard of the Denis-Savard Arena, while improving accessibility, augmenting its multifunctional potential, and ensuring the long-term operability of its equipment. The city’s administration would like to obtain the LEED-Silver certification. In this project, Groupe Paquette will be responsible for replacing the entirety of the plumbing and heating systems in the new building, and renovating existing systems.



Place Ville Marie: the Sid Lee campus at Place Ville-Marie. The Sid Lee campus will redesign workspaces that will meet the needs of the company’s multidisciplinary creative teams. Employees will also have access to a new multifunctional space and a unique bistro. Groupe Paquette will operate and direct plumbing and heating renovation works.



ADM preparatory works: the Aéroport de Montréal (ADM) administration is preparing a $2.5 billion dollar expansion project at the Montréal-Trudeau Airport in Dorval. The renovations are necessary to manage the continued influx of passengers maintain efficient operations. Groupe Paquette is directing work on the heating and cooling system relative to the expansion project. The deadline for project completion is very tight! Our experience with 3D modelling allows us to increase productivity by prefabricating materials.


Union sur le Parc: complex of 191 co-ownership properties for Phase 1 and 188 for Phase 2, which consists of two 20-story high-rises that are situated in the Shaughnessy Village in Montréal. The concept is aimed at families, and includes studios, apartments, as well as 18 townhouses on two floors. Groupe Paquette is proud to be participating in this unique project in Downtown Montreal.



Projets Équinoxe: Groupe Paquette is participating in the construction of several Équinoxe projects, including Équinoxe Lévesque (27 floors), Équinoxe Daniel-Johnson (17 floors), Équinoxe St-Elzear (22 floors) and Équinoxe Côte St-Luc (13 floors). These projects consist of over 700 rental condos. The Équinoxe buildings stand out due to the range of high-range services offered on their premises, similar to boutique hotels.


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